Workshop 30 August

Type of post: Orchestra news item
Posted By: John Nicholls
Status: Archived
Date Posted: Wed, 12 Aug 2020
Dear Member and Friends of the LMO ,

I am writing to urge you all to join the Workshop on 30th August .

Ollie has sent out a programme which you will find under 'Upcoming events'.

We will be playing Mozart's wonderful 40th Symphony. This follows the previous works of Pomp and Circumstance March No 1 by Elgar and Schubert's Fifth Symphony on the 26th July. Our Professionals put a huge amount of work into what those who were there agreed was a great success.

The Workshop on the 30th August is a great opportunity to experience and enjoy yet another great classic. 

The Professionals have worked hard on this. Please book and donate whatever you wish beyond the basic advertised ticket price. Almost all proceeds will go to them.

Best wishes

John Nicholls