Christmas Concert 2015

Sun, 13 Dec 2015

Conductor - Jonathan Hargreaves
Leader - Tina Bowles

In conjunction with Tottenham Community Choir

In aid of Mind in Haringay and CARIS Islington

The Concert Programme

  • Fanfare - Jonathan Hargreaves

  • Christmas Eve Suite - Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov

    • Introduction

    • Tableaux VI and VII

    • Poloaise

    • Tableau VIII

  • "I bought me a Cat" from Old American Songs - Aaron Copland

  • Good King Wenceslas - Traditional, arranged by Tony Royse


  • Once in Royal David's City - Traditional, arranged by Tony Royse

  • Marche Ecossaise - Claude Debussy

  • "Long Time Ago" from Old American Songs - Aaron Copland

  • Silent Night - Traditional, arranged by Tony Royse

  • "Jupiter" from the Planets Suite - Gustav Holst

  • O Come all ye Faithful - Traditional, arranged by Tony Royse


Programme Notes

Fanfare - Jonathan Hargreaves

The first piece is also the newset - by nearly 100 years. Composed by our conductor and premiered tonight, Jonathan says of it 'The Fanfare is a celebration for Christmas. Bright, warm colours bring peace into the room and, as you will see, we share it with the audience who have a starring role at the end'

Christmas Eve Suite - Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844 - 1908)

Rimsky-Korsakov is best known for his orchestral suite Scheherezade. The Christmas Eve Suite is from an opera he composed around a collection of short stories by Nikolai Gogol set in the Ukraine on the night before Christmas when, traditionally, the devil is about. A village blacksmith is in love with the beautiful Oksana who has challenged him to steal the Empress' slippers to prove his love. But the devil has stolen the moon and all is darkness and confusion. Amid snowstorms and great feats of endevour, the devil is crushed, the slippers are obtained and the couple marry with much rejoicing.

Old American Songs - Aaron Copland (1900 - 1990)

The American composer Aaron Copland arranged nine traditional songs in two sets published in 1950 and 1952. Originally for solo voice and piano, he re-wrote them with orchestral accompaniment. The two pieces we hear tonight are from the first set which was arranged for four part choir.

Marche Ecossaise - Claude Debussy (1862 - 1918)

Claude Debussy wrote this Scottish March on a popular theme in 1891, commissioned by the Scottish general, Meredith Reid, who wanted a march based on the traditional tune of the Ross clan to which he belonged. Debussy was penniless and welcomed the work. The composition he delivered was a piano duet but in 1908 he reworked it for orchestra. The music has a Scottish feel but is not very march-like, opening with an air of mystery developing via colourful episodes and fanfare flourishes to a rousing martial salute.

"Jupiter" from The Planets Suite - Gustav Holst (1874 - 1934)

The British composer Gustav Holst wrote The Planets between 1914-1916. The piece divided into movements representing all the then known planets of the Solar System and their astrological character. "Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity" is the most popular and sits at the centre of the work. It represents the king of the gods and is upbeat and majestic in character. The full brassy sound and waltzing strings alternate with the poignant solemnity of the tune now known as 'I vow to thee my country'. This greatly loved hymn was a favourite of Princess Diana and was sung at her funeral.


The Concert Charities

Mind in Haringey 

Mind in Haringey, Registered Charity No 801618, offers information, advice and support to anyone affected by mental health problems. Services include counsellin, advocacy and well-being workshops. Mental health problems affect anyone and most people recover. Mind is committed to raising awareness of these issues and tackling the stigma and siscrimination that is often the biggest barrier to recovery.

CARIS Islington

CARIS Islington, Registered Charity No 1057737, is a local charity, with its offices in the annexe of the church, St Mellitus, which offers support to people who are struggling with profound loss through homelessness or bereavement. CARIS runs two services.  During the winter months it provides cold weather shelter for the homeless with hot meals and a bed in locations throughout the borough. It also offers a year-round bereavement counselling service for people of all ages, free of charge.

The Concert Players

Conductor: Jonathan Hargreaves

First Violins

  • Tina Bowles (Leader)
  • Rachel Barbanel
  • Mary Dentschuk
  • Steve Dobson
  • Imali Hettiarachchi
  • Marina Lin
Second Violins
  • Cathy Fox (Principal)
  • Ian Brookman
  • Jan Toporowski
  • Marianna Waite
  • Pearl Wilson
  • Ayesha Wynne
  • Gintare Zolubaite
  • Geoff Irwin (Principal)
  • Tom Boswell
  • Richard Clarembaux
  • Nigel Franklin
  • Netia Lascelles
  • Charlotte Lesforis
  • Ellie Nicholes
  • David Robinson (Principal)
  • Sue Bird
  • Hilary Evans
  • Sarah Gregor
  • Olivia Kilmartin
  • Yasmin Mukhida
  • Richard Smith
Double Basses
  • Esther Arribas
  • Francois Moreau
  • Ingela Weekes
  • Ian Bradford
  • Joanna Bosanquet
  • Mo Talukder
  • Mo Talukder
  • Sumitra Lahiri
  • Adrian Hall
Cor Anglais
  • Adrian Hall
  • Lindsey Kaye
  • Sophie Goodwin
  • Ian Merryweather
  • Rosalind Hedley-Miller
  • Richard Griffiths
French Horns
  • Mike Fage
  • Clare Hennesey
  • Susie Laker
  • Julie Rooke
  • Antony Brian
  • Chloe Watson
  • Rob Heath
  • Sian Herlihy
  • Paul Weaving
  • David Lascelles
  • Stuart Delve
  • Tommaso Gabellini
  • John Holland
  • Sharon Moloney