Who we are

The London Medical Orchestra was formed in 1954, consisting mainly of refugee doctors and dentists from central Europe, conducted by Dr Hans Ucko and led by Dr J Bachner. It combined with the Three Hospitals Orchestra in 1964.

Although many of the present members of the Orchestra are not members of the medical or ancillary professions, the Orchestra continues to have as its main purpose the supporting of medical charities through fund-raising concerts. Among former conductors are Norman Del Mar, Colin Davis and Bernard Keefe. Mr Dickson Wright was president for many years. Sir Adrian Boult and Jacqueline du Pré are among our past Vice Presidents.

LMO is a registered charity (No. 272002). Our three concerts a year provide fundraising opportunities for medical charities.  If you are involved with a charity and would be interested in partnering with LMO to raise funds, please contact us with your ideas.

Our professionals

To help the orchestra attain a high standard of performance and thoroughly enjoy the experience of playing together, we have professional leads for each of the strings sections. We’re grateful to all our professionals for their enthusiasm and expertise! Our professionals are:

Musical Director and conductor: Jon Hargreaves (Visit his website here)

Guest conductor autumn term 2018: Oliver Till

Leader: Tina Bowles

Lead second violin: Nichola Blakey

Lead viola: Geoff Irwin

Lead cello: Josh Salter